Floating World
Photodocumentary/photo installation
Ølhallene, Stavanger 5. April, 2013

From the exhebition catalouge:
The photographs presented in the exhibition Floating World look at the signifiers that people place around themselves and how they use them to define themselves in their own environment. These signifiers are the manifestations of the individuals’ inner narratives. Another place where we find these manifestations is when people act out moments in their lives that mirror archetypes from stories, films and books. In other words, the individuals inner narrative pushes its way into existence from the mental to the physical plane. The images in the show attempt to capture the moments where the external real crosses the internal fiction.

The exhibitions title, Floating World, refers directly to the Japanese woodcuts from late middle ages to early 20th century that show hedonistic moments from the upper-classes’ decadent lifestyles.

Supported by Norsk Kulturråd (Norwegian Art council)