Title: W.E.I.R.D//Natt til i går
Wallpaper and footprints on the floor
Studio 17
Stavanger 31 July, 2015

W.E.I.R.D is made up of wallpaper pealed from a bedroom after a party. The Wallpaper carries the traces of being cut into, writing, marks and paint from various people. Behind the surface of the wallpaper, several other layers dating back almost a hundred years are reviled. Different shades, colours and dust is revealed as well as odours (Coffee, cigarettes, sweat) that has been soaked up by the walls from the people that have lived there.

Second work was created in the gallery space the night before the opening. The work are footprints from dancing on the floor made up from dirt, alcohol and condensation from human breath. A rectangle is washed away in the footprints acting as a mark, a frame or a conscious trace in the dirt.

▼It is an elevated state, where one is able to free oneself. But festivities are not something one have alone. In an intense setting you build something up with others, something that is big, that only exits in the small time one can stand to be there, that afterward carry dreamlike impressions, as is it was not quite from reality▲