Boardmember 2015-2018
Hammmonds has been part of the curatorial team in Studio 17 from 2015 to the present. Established in 2013, Studio17 has become a dynamic artist run space based in the city of Stavanger. Our concept is to invite artists, curators and institutions to occupy the space. The invited guest is given full freedom to experiment with their artistic practice within the confines of the exhibition space. The guest is also the person responsible for manning the exhibition for the duration of the show, giving the audience direct contact with the artist or curator when visiting. Studio17 has become nationally recognized for its high frequency of events and its unique exhibition format.



Tou Scene is an art production house under development in Stavanger East housed in a unique building with more than a century of history in its walls. Originally TOU BREWERY, a cornerstone company in Stavanger was situated in the building. All brewing operations stopped around 1980. It was abandoned until 2001, when different cultural activities started happening in the building. This was the start of the development of Tou Scene. Hammonds, specialising in visual art, was hand-picked to sit on the artistic advisory board in 2016. This special board advises Tou Scene as to what artistic direction it should take over the coming years. In his position along with Tou Scene and the artistic board, Hammonds is interested in helping to establish an even stronger artistic community in Stavanger by creating programs and infrastructure to support artists in the establihing phase. Tou Scene is first and foremost a place for artistic production, as well as a place for display and exhibition.


Active 2008-2013

Along with Fredrik Sele, Magnus Hoem Iversen and Jo Grunde, Hammonds was one of the initiative takers for the creation of K-Lab (Kultur-laboratoriet) in Stavanger. K-Lab was a project create a platform for grassroots cultural activities and became home for artists and musicians situated in the old 'Tinfabrikken' industrial complex that was part of Stavanger East. K-Lab developed into an underground venue for electronic music as well as a free-zone for musical and artistic expression. It became a well loved space within the city and meeting point for a growing creative community. It was demolished in 2013 to make way for new development in the city. The final event celebrating K-Lab's 5 year-run, was nominated for 'party of the year' by Natt og Dag magazine and won by popular vote.