Artist Recidency at Velferden

Three weeks in June, 2017, I spent three weeks in at the Artist Run initiative Veldferden, hosted by Maiken Stene. This is the third year of this residency and the residency had a focus on on working with the local community from the small town of Sokndal. I decided to work and collaborate with a group of kids from the local school. As a group we talked about art, played games, experimented with different materials and techniques.


(above) For the collaboration with the kids, i created a card game called Troll or Three. The game was design to discover the mystical in our surroundings.


Documentation from day one. Drawing and playing with oil paints and marbling


Documenting day two. Exploring the giant man made sand dunes in the landscape

Based on conversations with the the kids i was collaborating with i constructed a giant banana